What Is A Family? The Struggle For Equal Benefits

What Is A Family? The Struggle For Equal Benefits is a feature length video available HERE (hot link to landing page). A story of love, yes, but also determination and strategy.

The Canadian government and many employers that are subject to federal regulations discriminated against their gay and lesbian employees. In the 1990s, a six-year human rights struggle brought by Dale Akerstrom and Stanley Moore, supported by their unions, brought justice and inclusion and forced equal treatment for their families.

The Workers’ History Museum is proud to present this celebration of their sweeping victory. There are those who claim that you can never change the world: if you aren’t careful, they will try and convince you that you never did! See a great example of how activism, solidarity and, yes, struggle triumphed with important steps forward the result for working women and men. Join us for a virtual première Tuesday, November 24th through Thursday, November 26th.