Welcome Hannah

We had some very good candidates for our research assistant for this summer. We selected Hannah McCourtie, who is [...]

Welcome Hannah2023-07-05T09:26:29-04:00

National Day of Mourning, April 28

In 1991 the federal government officially recognized the National Day of Mourning, held annually on April 28, eight years [...]

National Day of Mourning, April 282023-04-28T08:16:33-04:00

Pat McGrath Scholarship Winner 2022

Sarah Kadach from Vernon, BC, is the recipient of the Workers’ History Museum Pat McGrath Scholarship for 2022. She is [...]

Pat McGrath Scholarship Winner 20222023-01-25T11:15:33-05:00

Kids reacting to typewriters

Enjoy the reactions of kids looking at old typewriters and trying them out. Hilarious. To all you former secretaries, [...]

Kids reacting to typewriters2023-01-13T09:57:54-05:00

Minnie Bell 2

Devoted followers of the WHM website will recall the "Career of a Canal Tug" feature in our "What's New" [...]

Minnie Bell 22022-08-08T19:05:07-04:00
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