Become a Volunteer

The majority of the work done at the Workers’ History Museum is carried out by volunteers. They are truly the life blood of our institution.

Volunteering with the WHM is a great way to get involved in the local community, and we have a number of volunteer needs covering a wide range of interests. Whether your skills are in helping with administrative tasks, doing research, working on an exhibit or acquisitions project, or fundraising, we have a place for you.

If you are interested in volunteering with the WHM, please email and the volunteer coordinator will contact you.

Museum Volunteers

Current Volunteer Needs

PR Specialist: We are looking for a PR guru who can help us publicize the Workers’ History Museum. As proud as we are of our work, we don’t have the skill set to make it shine and get it the attention it deserves. The ideal candidate would have a background in media relations, the ability to strategize campaigns for our varied projects, and a network in the Ottawa area and beyond.hereservice

Outreach/Sales for Documentaries: We need volunteers to promote/distribute our documentaries to a larger audience. A Struggle To Remember: Fighting for Our Families, our documentary on family leave, is now free and available on our website. In addition, Canada’s Rand Formula, is also free and on our website. However, we have several other documentaries that are being released shortly that we want to promote. We are looking for someone who can identify and contact organizations (schools/libraries/museums with labour studies, women’s studies, and social work facilities) and promote the videos. This is an ideal position for anyone interested in social justice and/or the Canadian labour/women’s movements, especially if they have any interest in networking within these groups