The following Mandate and By-laws were accepted at the First Annual General Meeting in January 10, 2011. The By-laws have been amended over the years.


    • To develop and support a community museum and projects which celebrate, interpret, examine, and preserve the history of working people in the National Capital Region and Ottawa Valley.
    • To examine our local history in a national and international context when appropriate, prepare exhibits, organize events, provide education programs, and collect and disseminate information on workers’ organizations.
    • To identify and record places important to workers’ history in an effort to preserve their significance.

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Mission Statement

The Workers’ History Museum is dedicated to the development and preservation of workers’ history and heritage.

The Workers’ History Museum will:

  • Present, promote, interpret, and preserve working class history, heritage, and culture with a special emphasis on Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley.
  • Increase awareness of workers’ history and heritage among the public and target groups.
  • Create long-term local and regional expertise on exhibiting workers’ history and heritage.
  • Promote workers’ history and heritage in collaboration with heritage, labour, cultural, educational, and tourism organizations.
  • Interpret and preserve the cultural heritage of all workers and their families in our community, including organized and non-organized workers, volunteers and others.
  • Foster concerted efforts among the cultural, worker heritage, and tourism fields.

Collective Values

The collective values governing the WHM’s development will include:

  • Solidarity: Support worker and labour movement issues, struggles, and campaigns.
  • Cooperation: Through partnerships, workers’ history will be preserved.
  • Honesty: Workers’ history deserves complete coverage that reveals the full truth and explores issues thoroughly.
  • Equity: We support the needs and interests of women and other equity seeking groups.
  • Responsibility: When possible, buy products and use services of unionized workplaces, or those that use fair practices.
  • Fairness: Staff, community, volunteers, and other stakeholders deserve to be treated well, equitably, and with respect.


The Workers’ History Museum strives to be funded through sustained operating funding, memberships (institutional and individual), project-specific donations, community donations, operational grants and capital grants, profits from the boutique, and WHM-sponsored events.