Workers’ History Museum Tributes

We have started a Tribute page on our website to honour individuals who have worked tirelessly on behalf of others to help better their life. Some have taken a stand on issues like maternity leave, parental rights, and sexual harassment and fought the prevailing standards to make changes that benefit workers. Without their persistence and beliefs, we would not have the benefits enjoyed by people in Canada today.

If you have someone who you believe warrants being mentioned on our website, please forward with photos and details to and we will consider your request.

Cal Best

James Calbert “Cal” Best was born into a segregated Canada; as a boy, he and his mother were fined when they refused to leave the Whites-Only section of their local theatre. In the next decades, the cultural landscape changed considerably as new avenues opened to the Black community. […]

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Bonnie Robichaud

Bonnie Robichaud’s struggle for justice began over forty years ago. At that time sexual harassment in the workplace was not uncommon and was actually considered to be part of normal working conditions, certainly not grounds for serious complaint. […]

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John Taylor

John taught a range of Canadian History and Urban History courses. He was the co-founder and editor of Urban History Review. When speaking about Ottawa, he brought the general patterns of different neighbourhoods to life –such as the Irish domestic servant, and the French-Canadian mill worker. […]

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Penni Richmond

Penni Richmond was a highly respected and much admired trade unionist, feminist and social justice advocate.  Her accomplishments warrant being recorded, remembered and appreciated. […]

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