Monty Montgomery

A long-time labour activist, MONTY Montgomery, passed on February 23, 2023 after a three-year fight with esophageal cancer.

MONTY was a devoted dad to his son Morgan and husband to Beth; a member of the Canadian Armed Forces; a veteran; a Disney super-fan and a lengthy supporter of the CFL with a yearly holder of season tickets.

In 1991 Monty was a survivor of a military resupply plane crash. The flight was enroute to Canadian Forces Base Alert, NWT. Following the crash of the military airplane, he survived in the middle of an Arctic storm for more than 40 hours. He had injuries due to frostbite which required a year in hospital and amputations and many surgeries as well as learning how to live with disabilities. He did so with grace and good humour.

Monty was an activist with the Disability Mentorship Program, an active member of the Union of National Defence Employees (UNDE) where he was a Regional Vice-President for a number of years, and a supporter of the Workers’ History Museum’s fundraising efforts. Monty made a difference in people’s lives.

In January 2020, Monty retired and within a few months he was again being challenged, this time to fight Stage 3 cancer. His trip to the various Disney venues and plans to spend more time at Disney World in Florida were cancelled.

Monty always retained his optimism throughout his challenges; he said many times “I’VE HAD A GOOD LIFE”.