2016: Chaudiere Calendar

Among the Trusses, Building 2 Ground Floor / Caje Rodriguez

Blenders in Steam, Building 501 Basement / Bill Woodley

Door Light Reflected in Water, Building 76D / Raymond Massé

Eye Protection Required. Building 83 / Andrea Cordonier

Ghost, Building 502 Main Floor / March Masood

Golden Cage, Building 51 / Kim Elliot

Large Space, Building 502 Main Floor / Paul Harrison

No. 7 Hose, Building 01 Ground Floor / Raymond Massé

Pipe Joint, Hose Connection 535 Entrance / Kim Elliot

Steam Plant Upper Platform, Building 507 / Paul Harrison

Sunlit Steam, Building 501, Top Floor / Bill Woodley

Valve Number 52, Building 83 / Andrea Cordonier

Winder Control Panel, Building 503 Main Floor / Bill Woodley

Chaudière Dam between Buildings 513 and 14 / Paul Harrison

When Ottawa’s former E B Eddy paper mills were purchased for re-develop­ ment, the Workers’ History Museum set out to create a uniquely thorough visual record of an industrial complex which had been a centerpiece of Ottawa’s  economy throughout the city’s history. Granted complete access by Windmill  Developments Corporation, the Museum’s volunteer photographers produced  73,000 images and 36 hours of video in 13 months, capturing every wall, floor, ceiling, fixture and all remaining furniture and equipment. The collection will  be available to historians and researchers, and is a tribute to the generations of workers who kept the paper machines and myriad other equipment in service for almost 200 years.

Paul Harrison
WHM Image Archivist, Chaudiere Project Director

Calendar project: Bob Hatfield, Coordinator; Ken Clavette, Research;  Andre Mersereau, Design; Barb Stewart, Treasurer.  For more information about the Workers’ History Museum, and to order more calendars, go to: workershistorymuseum.ca

Some of the photographers involved. Left to Right: Bob Allen, Paul Harrison, Bill Woodley, Caje Rodriquez, Kim Elliot, Raymond Masse