WHM is proud to once again host the Canadian Labour International Film Festival in Ottawa. The films in this festival tell the stories of workers from four continents and many more countries. Their voices are not often told, so we are excited to share them with you on November 30th.

When: Thursday, November 30th, 7 – 9 p.m.
Where: 233 Gilmour Street (PSAC Headquarters)
Cost: Free!

The Chop


The Chop from the United Kingdom — ‘The Chop’ is a comedy about Yossi, a charismatic Kosher butcher who loses his job, cannot find work at other Kosher butchers, and therefore decides to pretend to be Muslim in order to get work at a Halal butchers.

The Devil of Jobs


The Devil of Jobs from the United Kingdom — A visit to the Jobcentre takes a dark turn when three job-hunters stumble upon the office of the mysterious Mr.Inferno. They soon discover that are no time differences in hell…



Touch from Canada — When a single mom, facing eviction, is offered a night’s work, she unsuccessfully seeks a babysitter for her two small children. Desperate, she reaches out to the last person she wants to ask for a favour.Necessity Has No law from Egypt

Arabic with English subtitles

Necessity Has No law from Egypt — Day in the life of one of the brick factories and numerous positions between child workers begin his life in this profession and between an old man end his life in the same profession.Introduction to Workers’ History; 5 Part Animated Series


Introduction to Workers’ History; 5 Part Animated Series The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees, with our partners Jeff Allen Videos and Cut and Paste Design, produced a 5-part animated video series introducing viewers to working-class history.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Nobody Dies Here from France” tab_id=”1479389092636-7ba33422-0dc3″][vc_column_text]Nobody Dies Here from France

French with English subtitles

Nobody Dies Here from France — Perma gold mine, Benin. Some dream to find something, others realized there was nothing to be found. Some dig relentlessly hoping to become rich, others died in the process. And a few of them say that here, nobody dies. (French with English subtitles)A passion of gold and fire

French with English subtitles

A passion of gold and fire — A Belgium beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.

Huicholes del Tabaco

English subtitles

Huicholes del Tabaco — Most of the tobacco production in Nayarit, Mexico goes to companies like British American Tobacco and Philip Morris international, that despite their billions of dollars in earnings they haven’t taken responsibility for these workers, that even when they work from 20 to 22 hours per day, very often don’t have enough money to buy food for the rest of the week.