On Saturday, November 30, the Workers’ History Museum welcomed Masters’ students associated with the Carleton Centre for Public History (CCPH) to our new storage unit for an artifacts workshop. Students were able to handle and assess objects that we are currently considering for accessioning (the formal, legal process that the WHM goes through whenever we accept an object into our collection). Objects included cobbler’s tools, office equipment such as a comptometer, and union apparel. The completed documentation will be used by the Artifacts Acquisition Working Group, part of the Exhibits and Education Committee, to help the WHM formally accession its first artifacts in the new year.

Students also had an opportunity to practice oral history skills by interviewing two of the object donors. This information will help the WHM determine whether the artifacts meet our mandate and can serve a purpose within the collection. The museum will have three kinds of artifact collections: objects for display, objects for reference, and objects for education, such as with schools and public programming.

This was the second workshop that partnered the WHM with the CCPH, and instruction was provided by Lindsay Harasymchuk, who heads the working committee, as well as by Sanna Guérin, chair of the Exhibits and Education Committee.

The WHM thanks the students for attending the workshop and assisting in this very important work. As well, the WHM gratefully thanks the CCPH for its continued support.

By Sanna Guérin