Wasim Baobaid is a freelance videographer and producer based in Ottawa. His documentary Yes, I Can, about a disabled girl who fought the provincial government for funding of her medical supplies, was screened at the Montreal International Film Festival and was used as a teaching aid by WorldKids in India. In his free time, Wasim donates his considerable talents to the Workers’ History Museum’s Video Committee. Currently he is recording interviews for the Cal Best Project, which celebrates the life and legacy of this Black union activist.

Name: Wasim Baobaid

Hometown: United Arab Emirates

How long have you been volunteering with the WHM? Since July 2012

How did you discover the WHM? I got introduced to them from my coordinator in the (documentary production) program at Algonquin College.

What do you do with the WHM? On the Video Committee, we use video production to tell the stories of ordinary people with extraordinary lives. I do video filming, directing, and editing.

What’s the best thing about volunteering with the WHM? WHM is an amazing resource to know the history of workers and the struggle they went through just to give us this ease of life.

If you had a time machine and could travel to any time period, where would you go? I prefer to live my own life and watch all the historical periods to know more of our past. It is very important to know our roots.

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